about us

  Brief History

American Power Management Inc. (APM) was established in 2006 and acquired GAMMA MICROELECTRONICS by a group of professionals in the semiconductor industry. Our mission is to provide technical solutions for our customers’ need in the utmost professional manner. In addition to our matured technology in Power Management applications, we are working on ways to provide better and more completed service to meet the customers’ constantly changing needs.

American Power Management Inc. takes over all operations of GAMMA Microelectronics in the whole Asian territories, and has teams of professionals all over the world working on wafer technologies, integrated circuit design, assembly, testing, and marketing of semiconductor devices.

  Integrated Circuit Fabrication

American Power Management Inc. (APM) is strategically allied with world-class ISO certified integrated circuit fabrications to provide high quality, low cost, Bipolar, CMOS, BiCMOS, and MOSFET devices in large production volume. One of our partners has been delivering wafers in volume production for over 35 years.

  Assembly and Testing

American Power Management Inc. (APM) provides vast capacity, fast delivery, high quality and reliability, the right package for every application without compromising quality through the alliances with the best assembly specialists in Asia, combined with American Power Management Inc. proprietary advanced testing programs and expertise in all related areas.

  Quality Assurance

American Power Management Inc. (APM) builds in quality at every step: Designs include test and trimming features. Wafer technologies include e-testing, and 100% testing of each die, with strict guard-bands on allparameters. Non-compromising assembly materials and techniques are employed at all time. Proprietary final test programs are rigorously applied to 100% of finished parts.

  Our Goal

American Power Management Inc. (APM) cares very much about our customers’ needs, and considers customers’ success in business is the top priority mission for us. We promise to search for new an better ways to serve you constantly. We will strife to win your trust in our products. To make it easy for you to do business with us as your partner is our only goal.